Djanita Peerthum-Juwaheer, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in IT in Hospitality and Tourism Operations studied at Elite Business School

Djanita Peerthum-Juwaheer I was born in Vacoas and still reside there.  My family place great value on education. My father was a school teacher and later a school inspector. He is involved in social work (presently the vice president in a big socio cultural organisation) and is also a researcher on the History of Mauritius and he is a free-lancer at the MBC (our national TV broadcaster) and on radio. He presents Mauritian history programmes in Bhojpuri (a local dialect of Mauritius). My late mother had a long career at the Ministry of Education. My husband is a Physical Educator in a private secondary college.

It was after completing my secondary studies that I started to develop a keen interest in the tourism sector. Tourism plays a major role in Mauritian economy. In this context, I have enrolled and completed different courses at the Hotel School of Mauritius in the Hospitality field. I even completed a Level 4 qualification.

Meanwhile I got a job as Administrative Officer at a secondary college.  This led me to develop a keen interest in teaching students. My husband and my father have been the main motivators and have inspired me to become a Travel and Tourism educator.

In this context, I found the urgent need to acquire higher professional qualifications. After getting guidance from a relative who works at the Mauritius Qualifications Authority, he advised me to enrol for this qualification.  I started my Level 5 and I am presently preparing for my Level 6 examinations due in June. I chose ABE because it is regarded prestigiously and it was the best choice for me to climb up the ladder at a quick pace. ABE qualifications enable me to acquire a lot of knowledge in a short time and thus apply it in my daily work.

Being a mature student, I put all the effort needed to successfully complete my Level 5 in one year. I started in February 2015 and finished in December 2015. To my great surprise I have excelled and succeeded in obtaining a Top Paper Award for module IT in Tourism and Hospitality. I have really strived hard to obtain good grades and it has been rewarding.

I have opted to continue my educational career path with ABE because the courses are very professional and have a structured programme. It helps students become better professionals.

I started my Level 5 at Elite Business School because they provided ABE Diplomas up to Level 6. I must mention that all the staff at Elite Business School are very supportive. The lecturers have dedicatedly imparted their knowledge to us. And they have left no stone unturned to help us pave our way to success.

I feel that the ABE qualifications enable someone to climb up the career ladder successfully.  I am planning to get my Educator’s and Trainer’s licence just after completing my Level 6 in Travel Tourism and Hospitality to be able to secure a post as Educator in the institution where I am working at the moment.

I have also planned to pursue further as a tutor in order to help students to prepare for their ABE exams in private institutions on a part-time basis.

I feel that the knowledge gained from ABE courses expands one and opens up new corridors unknown before.  ABE has broadened my perspective on the business world. I have gained a lot from my studies. The Human Resource Management module has enabled me detect any malpractices in different institutions, and see how employers fail sometimes to have good human relations with their employees.

Studying Sales Management has enabled me to better understand the strategies of supermarkets and commercial businesses; how to plan the sales strategies and attract customers. As for Managing the Customer Relationship Unit, I have become aware of getting good customer satisfaction and retention whenever I buy something from a seller. I can detect malpractices and failure in customer retention. I have become very critical now and all thanks to my studies with ABE.

Thus, I feel that the ABE course contents have been well studied and planned by experts who are very professional in their respective field.

I would encourage anyone who has opted for the ABE qualifications to study the learning outcomes. This is the key to passing successfully. Mastering such will ensure full coverage of the syllabus. I would also add that regular viewing of the ABE website portal particularly the online magazines, case studies and examiners reports are of great help in studies. Examiners reports will enable students to detect mistakes made by previous students and understand what is expected. Most importantly, I would recommend everyone to download and print the past exam papers which have been published online as well as updated after each examination session. These papers date from years 2011 up to now. Practising the questions in written form consciously or unconsciously helps someone to mentally grab contents and this is what one will remember at the time of the examinations. I also recommend reading the answers to know what the examiner expects from a student. Analysing previous questions can also enable someone to develop a sense of predictability.

Long-term, I wish to pass the knowledge I have gained to students and others.   I envisage pursuing further studies in order to acquire more knowledge and skills to become more professional, since nowadays, competition is growing. Highly qualified people are being sought for after.

I also have plans of a career as lecturer and maybe go further in the educational field in the future.