Dumisani Banda, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing Management, studied at University of Malawi, The Polytechnic Management Development Centre

Dumisani BandaI am Dumisani Chimangeni Banda, a third born child to the late Mr. and Mrs. Banda.  I currently  stay with my elder brother Maxwell.   After gaining my Malawi School Certificate of Education, I registered for a Level 4 Diploma in Business Management with ABE at Management Development Centre of The Malawi Polytechnic of the University of Malawi where I am currently doing Level 6. I have also worked with World Vision International (Malawi Office) on a temporary basis. 

I find the ABE qualification outstanding , relevant and internationally recognised. Its syllabus covers a lot of academic content. I believe that the ABE qualification will create more opportunities for my career.

ABE is highly regarded and is considered one of the powerful qualifications one could have. Employers comfortably employee ABE graduates both in the public service and private sector.  I would like to secure a job or start my own business so that I put to practice what I have learnt and also to create employment for others.

ABE learners are exposed to things in the corporate world through the various international scenarios they study and that is useful.  I have gained skills in time management, communications, planning and writing.

My tip for study success is that learners should trust in God and also follow international news to have an idea of the global perspective on various issues. I encourage them to read other books in addition to the manuals and study materials from ABE.  My long term plan is to open my own company with international recognition and live a successful life!