Effat Rawji, Zambia - Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies


My school teachers had always seen how business oriented I was in all that I did in school.  Since that time I have developed a passion for business studies. When I graduated from school I did a lot of research to find a course that offers a variety of themes that would help me learn many things in one programme.  Therefore I chose ABE as it had all options for me.  I did not want just a few tedious subjects I wanted a variety like human resources, marketing, accounts etc.

My journey with ABE was tremendous and swift, while I was just 18 I graduated from ABE. The course gave me knowledge about what different areas of business are all about so I can decide  which field is best for me.

In the upcoming future, I intend to complete my MBA from the best university and hopefully work for a reputable firm at the best post. All of this hard work from high school to university level would not be possible without my parents' support as, seeing my determination towards studies, they encouraged and supported all that I planned to accomplish regarding studies and career.

ABE exams are quite flexible as students can take exams twice a year. I would recommend all students to consult past papers as that is what helped me achieve this success. I have always consulted past papers for each subject and written notes using them. 

Thank you ABE for this opportunity. This is pretty much what I would like to say about my journey.