Emmanuel Otegbayo (Adediran), Nigeria - Top Paper Award in Integrated Marketing Communications, studied at Market Space

Emmanuel AdediranMy name is Emmanuel Adediran (I recently changed surname from Otegbayo to Adediran).  I’m Nigerian and an Alumnus of the University of Lagos. I currently work as a media strategist at MediaReach OMD – West & Central Africa’s foremost media agency.

My ABE journey began when my organisation nominated and enrolled a few staff members to take the course in line with our professional development objectives. The choice of ABE was based on the understanding that the modules and courses were practical in nature and structured to immediately improve workplace effectiveness.

The general awareness of ABE is increasing by the day. As with other professional courses, popularity and credibility will build up over time as more professionals see the impact made by past graduates.

After completion my plan is to immediately apply the acquired knowledge to enhance my work. I also plan to continue my pursuit of professional knowledge in the field of marketing.

The best thing about studying for ABE qualifications is the fact that its courses are practical and relatable to everyday marketing realities.

Taking this course helped broaden my understanding of marketing beyond my core area of specialisation which is media & advertising. I now better appreciate the full spectrum of marketing and how the different elements interplay to deliver overall business objectives.

This has greatly  improved my work as a client service person; understanding where media sits in the marketing mix.  I now work better with my clients helping them achieve business objectives beyond just running media campaigns.

My tips for successful study are:

  • Follow the respective study guides of each module to know what is expected of you
  • Attend lectures
  • Review past questions (or sample assessments) at the end of every class (preferably in a group) to have a good grasp of how to answer the exam questions

In the near future, I plan to progress in my career to senior marketing management, after completing my MBA,