Evans Moonga, Customer Experience Administrator, Zambia National Commercial Bank

EvansMy name is Evans Moonga. I’m the first born in the family of three. I come from Chingola, a small town in Coperbelt Province, Zambia. I am not yet married but I am attached to someone.

I love reading, and researching new business trends, and getting familiar with them. Aside from this I am a writer, and speaker on Business and leadership development.

I work at Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco); a leading financial institution in Zambia offering financial solutions to various market segments such as; commercial, private, cooperate, food, agriculture and SMEs. The vision of the company is to successfully build people, businesses and the Economy. Zanaco has and continues to invest in various social responsibility programmes and remains to be a reliable partner with key stakeholders in Economic Growth. We have more than 60 branches across the country in different provinces.

My role is to ensure that customers are satisfied at every customer touch point; developing various customer service strategies to enhance service delivery and fostering compliance across all branches to customer service standards.

Being an ABE Business Management qualification holder, I am priviledged to understand various business departments and functions, and passionate about connecting and helping people. After graduating I took to the path of sales and marketing. The knowledge I obtained studying Business Management offers a strong foundation for a career in sales and marketing. I have now started to develop my own sales and marketing concepts, ideas and principles, that have revolutionised the way we sell, market and deliver our products and services.

I started my career path with ABE in 2009 after my friend’s big sister, who works for southern cross motors, convinced me that it’s the best Business qualification out there. I completed my certificate at Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM) then further finished my programme at Zambia Center for Accountancy studies.

Within my job role I most enjoy connecting with people and helping them to make good purchasing decisions that will change their lives. But most importantly, I enjoy impacting positive change through the offering and delivery of life changing products and services. Above all, working in sales and marketing just stretches your mind beyond limit and makes you a thinking machine.

ABE qualifications are most recognised, highly valued and preferred by employers in many industries and sectors. My advice to you when studying ABE is to be patient, take one step at a time and never give up no matter how many times you may fail. I promise you once you have an ABE qualification, you have a passport to success and you can write your own ticket to greatness. There is no limit to what you can achieve or become with an ABE qualification.

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