Evans Ojiambo Onditi, Lecturer, Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

EVANS OJIAMBO ONDITI  I am the third born in a family of seven and am a Kenyan. I enjoy watching and playing football and travelling to new places. I also love reading marketing books as well as watching documentaries on successful businesses in global markets.

I work at the Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies in Mombasa.  It is an institution of higher learning offering post-secondary education and courses such ABE.  We have consistently produced top paper award winners in ABE and other examinations. 

I work as a lecturer in Business Communication and Marketing.  My role involves preparation of teaching and learning materials, doing presentations in the lecture rooms and setting and marking examinations to evaluate the learning of my students. It requires a lot of responsibility and good time management.

What I enjoy most in my exciting role as lecturer is the fact that I meet new students every semester who are eager to learn and knowing that my effect is eternal is deeply satisfying. Walking into a lecture room full of students just ready and eager as I share my knowledge with them is very enjoyable as is knowing that I am shaping their futures for the better.

After I finished the ABE Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems, in which i was able to achieve the Top Paper worldwide in December 2003, I joined Moi University here in Kenya for a degree programme in Business Management.  That is where the class presentations I used to do for my group brought out my ability to present in front of large audiences - one of my lecturers suggested that I had what it takes to be a great lecturer. After my graduation I joined motor vehicle assembly as a Marketing Executive where I continued to do product presentations to customers until my contact expired and I was offered the chance to teach marketing in a university as a graduate assistant, since then I have never looked back.

The fact that I had an ABE Advanced Diploma enabled me to get university exemptions from units I had already done.   This enabled me to have less workload and contributed a lot to my graduating with a second class honours, upper division Business Management degree as I had perfected the examination technique I learned from my ABE study experience.

Patience and hard work is required to succeed at all levels of ABE programmes. Those who may not qualify for direct university entry should never despair since ABE provides a quick and cost effective route to university progression and most importantly you get a highly recognised global qualification which equips you to work in a global business environment.   And should you need role models…., the ABE Alumni like me are ready to offer moral support in your academic journey.