Fabeha Khan, Saudi Arabia - Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at Aptech Training Institute

Fabeha KhanI have two younger siblings (a sister and a brother).  My father is a Chartered Accountant and my mother is a housewife.

ABE looked promising from where I was standing last year, and it hasn't  proven me wrong.  It was a great opportunity to get an education from a prestigious institute without having to adjust to life in a different country.

Employers have a positive impression of ABE, they are excited about the opportunity presented to them.  My immediate plans are to join a university and finish my MBA.

There is a lot of diversity at Aptech that makes it a comfortable place to study at.  The best skill I have learned is the capacity of research I can do.  Making notes helps a lot especially for details that you need to remember for answering the questions effectively.  Solving the activities that are provided  also helps to tackle questions and logically apply the theory.  Group discussions about the topic tend to keep things in your mind longer.

I hope to complete my MBA and enrol into the professional course of CFA (Chartered Financial Analysis), if having knowledge about management and finance will let a person be better at their job and lead the company somewhere then I’m willing to give it that much time and effort; because honestly, people who don’t get anywhere in the company don’t get the company anywhere.