Farisha Ali, Trinidad and Tobago – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Management Information Systems studied at School of Business and Computer Science - San Fernando

Farisha AliMy name is Farisha Sheena Ali. I am 21 years old. I am the last child; I have three siblings and two amazing parents, whom I owe everything to. As early as age four I was always an independent person. I thank my mom for that. She always gave me the opportunity to do things on my own.

Having completed my exams, at age 17, I got into a trainee programme, where my plan was to work for one year. The name of the company is Flow Measurement Specialties Limited, an Instrumentation Sales and Service Company. While working, my employer asked me to stay another year. I took the opportunity and was later sent on HSE Training.

My manager was overwhelmed by my potential. In 2013, not only did I take on another year working, I got another part time job. I was the administrative personnel for the International Society of Automation (ISA), Trinidad Section.

My goal initially had been to pursue Media and Communications. I was passionate about that field, as in school I took part in our local Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.  However, I felt motivated and wanted to pursue my career in Health and Safety. I went on to Managing Safely. Then on to my diploma. But I began realising that this was not for me, I decided to quit.

In 2014, age 19, I was conducting audits and supervising subordinates at work. The instrumentation field was quite exciting as I gained hands on experience. I received an award for being the Best Employee. It was the first ever award at the company. This was one of the most remarkable experiences. Also, I was coordinating technical seminars with ISA, which was very interesting. In the year 2015, I was extremely stressed out, the company was on for an audit and ISA was hosting a conference and exposition. My time was very limited; eventually all went well and was a success.

By the end of 2015, I realised my passion for the business environment. I received advice and got recommendations for the ABE Level 4. My experience was qualified for Level 5, but I was in fear of Accounts. I was most familiar with Information Systems from my school days. After, thinking back and forth, I agreed to enrol.

Having done my own research, ABE is recognised worldwide by employers throughout. I chose ABE because in a world that is rapidly changing and technologically advancing, I need to educate myself with a course that is globally recognised. The learning materials are thorough, essential and applicable to the business environment. The resources are quite helpful and are available at all times. ABE is suitable for the requirements of a managerial position as the course equips an individual with the technological environment, communication, ability to represent quantitative data to mark progress.  It also looks at the impacts of an environment on a business.

I studied this course at School of Business and Computer Science, South Campus. The experience was great.  The lecturers were definitely helpful, dedicated and hardworking.  As I proceed to Level 5 I intend to complete this and move on to Level 6. I will work and study. Business Management qualifications not only come with the theory but also experience. I have applied my knowledge from my other classes to my work and have found it to be quite a success.

The best thing about studying ABE is that it is advanced and modern. It highlights the changes in the world.

My advice to persons who intend to study ABE are, if you want to be successful in a world that is advancing by the day, go for it! Be in fear of failure and success will come. Take the jump while you can. Pray and work hard and you will achieve all that you set out for. Sacrifice is the key.

ABE past papers and syllabus were my study tools along with late hours. My end result is be an entrepreneur when I have completed my Business Management BSc.