Flora Kitonga, Tanzania - Top Paper Award in Personnel Information Systems (self-study)

Flora KitongaI was born in Arusha town which is in the northern part of Tanzania. I am a second born in a family of four girls, I love reading all kind of books and fine art. Currently, I am working for a company called Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC) in the capacity of a HR Systems, C & B Support Manager in Compensation and Benefits section - Human Resources department.

When I was hired by TCC, I worked in the finance department and later I was transferred to human resource department. After working in HR for a few years I decided to find a place where I can get HRM qualifications so that I can work more competently in the responsibilities assigned to me.

The best thing about studying with ABE is the flexibility of its programmes and the high-quality, affordable qualifications offered. Also the relevance of the content to my workplace, availability of resources like a comprehensive syllabus for every unit, lecture guides, past question papers and the support that I got from my distance learning provider.

If a person is working and studying at the same time in order to be successful in studies s/he has to create a flexible study plan and set study goals and commit to achieving them without procrastinating. Also a person must ensure understanding of each topic, practice and test her/himself on each topic, use all the available resources as guide. A person shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions whenever anything is not clear.

My long-term career plan for the future is to become a certified HRM practitioner and start my own consultancy business. Furthermore, since painting has always been my passion, I plan to continue painting and exhibit my work to the world in the near future.