Foy Franklin Njoh, UK - Winner of the President’s Prize studied at Leicester Commercial College

Picture of Foy Franklin NjohI am a Cameroonian citizen and grew up in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. I am the second in our humble family and have two brothers and sisters. Thanks to our parents, who placed much emphasis on education and made sacrifices, we all studied up to university level.

I am from a science background and studied Environmental Science but have always been passionate about business and entrepreneurship. It is in this light that I enrolled into the ABE Business Management programme, which is in line with my career goal.

I chose the ABE programme because on my analysis it was the most efficient and effective way for me to gain an in depth knowledge of Business Management and a recognised qualification. That is, it is affordable and flexible with exams twice a year and ability to study where you want and, being a UK Examination body, it is widely recognised. I also appreciated the opportunity to begin my studies at Level 5 and go up to Level 7 which is a postgraduate diploma in just 3 years. With my attainment at Level 5 and Level 6 in two years, I think it was the right choice and I am even more motivated studying for Level 7.

I study at the Leicester Commercial College. I would like to use the opportunity to thank the administrative and teaching staff for all the support given to me as an international student in the UK. I would just like to add that studying in the UK is an added advantage because being a developed economy it is easy to understand business activities which is relate to your studies.  For example, looking at the business activities of the UK’s big four supermarkets.

I am presently studying for the ABE Level 7 in Business Management.  After that my immediate plan is to continue on to an MBA programme and to gain some experience at the executive level of an organisation. I believe that this would give me the opportunity to gain more insight into business management and, as such, a major boost to my long term plan to start my own business.

I have enjoyed the entire experience of studying with ABE; from the challenging beginnings to now the new Level 7 experience, it has just been a phenomenal package to become a business professional. Some of the best parts have been actually studying subjects such as Quantitative Methods, Project Management, Corporate Strategy and Managing in Organisation.  It is exciting to get to know about business management and learn about some of the great thinkers in business. I must also say that receiving the ABE President Prize for 2015 was a huge positive reinforcement and I am motivated more than ever. I want to use the opportunity to thank ABE for the Award.

I think since studying ABE Business Management, I have gain lots of knowledge and skills. I have a better understanding of how an organisation should best operate in order to realise it goals and objectives. I have gained skills in planning, organising, coordinating and controlling the activities of an organisation. I have also gained skills to inspire, lead and motivate human resources and I have gained good communication and accounting skills.                                                                        

My long term career plan is to create and manage a successful agro-industrial business. On completion of my studies and with working experience gained, I expect to realise my plan.