Frida Gomani, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Managerial Accounting, studied at Pact College

Frida GomaniI am the third born daughter in a family of five. My educational background includes Diploma in Secretarial studies and I am currently working with a legal firm as an administrative assistant. 

I chose to study with ABE because it is globally recognised, affordable and offers great programmes which are useful in today's society.  It also offers a great deal of assistance via online resources.   ABE is well accepted and it is easy to get a job if you have an ABE certificate. 

I studied my course at PACT college,  it has been  a roller coaster indeed but GOD has always been on my side.  I have had the most amazing tutors, they really played a very big role in my learning  experience  and contributed to my rewarding  examination results.  Studying with PACT college  you  won't go wrong. 

The best thing about  studying  with ABE is that I am able to study at my own pace. I found this mode of studying  convenient, enabling me to balance my work demands alongside my studies. I prayed a lot and put all my trust in GOD.

I gained practical skills in people planning, in addition to managing labour turnover and retention at my workplace. My tips for study success is consistently revising lecture notes, going through all past exams papers, and examiners' reports is also very useful as it gives a guide to what examiners' expect from the students,  group discussions with classmates are also very important. 

After completion of my ABE I would like to do a degree with honours in Business Management. 

In the long term I plan to be part of the Senior Management and a strong interest in running  my own business.   I am highly motivated to be my own boss.