Gangadai Sankumar, Guyana – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at Accountancy Training Centre

I hail from the land of many waters; beautiful Guyana. I am nineteen years old and belong to a single parent family. I graduated from high school as the Best Business Student 2013 and I am currently employed in a government agency as an accounts clerk whilst furthering my studies. I am a very jolly and determined person who likes to help those in need.

Image of Gangadai SankumarI chose to study ABE because it offered better qualifications. The courses are very flexible and affordable. I can be qualified in numerous pathways with just a few additional papers rather than having to start from the beginning of each course.

After completing this qualification, I intend to seek a better job. After which I will do my Masters.

The best thing about studying with ABE is the timing feature. Students are allowed the opportunity to choose at what pace they want to complete their tertiary education.

ABE has enable me to make objective decisions.  I am better equipped to function in the world of work in terms of communication and general business knowledge.