Gisele Bumah, Cameroon – Top Paper Award in Systems Management and Internal Financial Controls (self-study)

Gisele  BumahI come from the North West Region of Cameroon from a family of 8; my parents and 5 siblings. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Buea, Cameroon and upon completion; I decided to further my education with a professional degree.

Before choosing ABE, I had no idea what it was all about. It was recommended by someone I look up to as a mentor. He explained to me what I stand to gain from taking on a professional course. I decided to go online and read more about it and I was impressed by what I saw and from the reviews from other ABE alumni. 

My parents facilitated my studies with ABE by accepting to sponsor me in the programme I chose. That has been my inspiration to work extra hard to bring out the best of myself. The content of the programme is effective, it brings out your potential and builds you into a professional. This broadens the mind and provides the opportunity for individuals to build themselves as although there is a study manual, I see it as a guide to study but most of the work is done through research to be able to see world issues from a global perspective. What better way to learn than this?

I am self-studying which can be very challenging but with the technologically advanced world in which we live in today, nothing can really be that challenging anymore when we can turn to the internet for answers and getting in contact with others in the same programme for assistance.

My immediate plans are to put all the knowledge I have acquired to use by first serving my community by helping the small business owners who  have no idea how to use financial methods of recording. Also, I intend to work to better enhance my skills and have the opportunity to learn more about the business world.  I have already gained managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, plus analysis and problem solving abilities.

Students should make a conscious effort not to procrastinate and read widely not only relying on their mentors for knowledge. Also,  visualise what you study and how it applies practically in the corporate world helps to understand certain concepts better.  I intend to go on to get certified in my field of study