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A guide to becoming more employable

Education is said to be a powerful tool that can be used to change the world. Here at ABE we couldn’t agree more, and it is indeed our passion for equal education that underpins our mission to enable people to realise their potential everywhere.

Although we recognise the great importance in being educated, we understand that, with over 500,000 people graduating each year, there is a demand from employers, for today’s modern business person to be able to offer more added value. 

It’s time for you to give yourself the best chance possible; follow this useful guide to help you stand out in the crowded job market.

1. Enhance your CV

A poorly written CV could be what is standing between you and your dream job. It is important to ensure your CV is a true, and professional reflection of both your work and educational experience. It is quite possible your potential employer will use it to assess your initial suitability for the job role.

Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself so make it count.

 Avoid grammatical errors by thoroughly proofreading your work, or getting someone else to check it for you

Ensure you tailor your CV to suit the role you are applying for -  you need to demonstrate how, and why you are the right person for the job, so it is best to avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Turn tasks into accomplishments – rather than listing all the job duties from your previous role, demonstrate what you learnt from them, and how your work was beneficial to the organisation:

e.g. Turn – ‘Experience managing a team of five in market research and working with customer segments’

         To – ‘Enhanced my leadership skills through, my confident management of market research projects. This resulted in a better understanding of our customer segments; allowing us to strengthen our affiliate marketing programme and increase target retention’.

2. Get advice

Getting good advice may be more accessible than you think. Asking questions to a range of people; family, friends, employers colleagues, and lecturers, will allow you to get varied perspectives on the working world.

Finding a mentor can be another great way to get good insight into your potential industry. Many mentors can provide you with opportunities to network and can be well connected across a range of industries, so remain open to their advice.

You should also consider visiting a careers advisor who can help you make more informed choices when it comes to your future career decisions.

3. Expand your skillset

It is a good idea to take some time to evaluate your current skillset; consider your strengths, and weaknesses, and how these can be improved. Possessing skills that are in demand will automatically increase your chances of employment.

Studying short courses can give you the competitive edge you’re looking for. They provide a great way to fill in gaps in your knowledge and develop skills that will help you thrive in the workplace. To find out more about how you can update your skillset click here.

4. Volunteering and work placements

Volunteering and work placements will enable you to develop your skills in a real working environment. Your can gain industry specific knowledge that is highly valued by many employers, and may be exposed to opportunities to build relationships that could lead to more permanent employment further on in your career.  

5. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Where applying for jobs is concerned, the phrase ‘preparation is key’ could not be truer. You should always take the time to carefully prepare before starting a job application.

Do your research - find out information about the company and stay up to date on current industry trends

Read through the job description and make sure that your cv and application answers highlight where your skills meet the job specification

Making yourself more employable requires investment in yourself. Including these five steps in your job search process will make the world of a difference. We wish you every success in securing your dream job.