Guvalla Lawson Bakoh, Cameroon - Top Paper Award in Contemporary Issues in Marketing studied at Yaounde Business School

Guvalla LawsonI am from the English speaking part of Cameroon, the 7th child from a family of ten. I studied Banking and Finance at the University of Buea. I am currently the Deputy Director of Yaounde Business School, an ABE tuition providing centre.

I chose ABE because I needed a complement to my academic training and found the ABE programme rich and attractive.  I hope to finish the Level 7 and proceed to an MBA with any British, American or Canadian University.

I feel the best thing about the qualification is that the curriculum is quite rich and gives a very practical perspective to business.  I have gained managerial skills, I now go about my activities with relative ease.

My tip for successful study is to make maximum use of the resource materials on the ABE website.    

Long-term I plan to establish as an independent entrepreneur.