Halima Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago - Top Paper Award in Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication, studied at CTS College of Business & Computer Science

Halima Mohammed 2I am twenty years of age. I was born in Saudi Arabia and now reside in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. I live with my mom who has constantly supported me in every venture I have undertaken throughout my career. I have a great desire for learning, acquiring knowledge and gaining new experiences especially in the field of business as it touches almost every aspect of modern human society.

I chose ABE due to the fact that the qualifications were highly recognised by many universities and professional institutes both locally and internationally and I realised it was the fastest means of achieving my career. I was informed about the advantages from family and friends who were past students of ABE programmes. What I really appreciate about ABE is that it allows freedom of choice and flexibility. I like that I was able to choose my modules according to my own time schedules. Due to the flexibility of the programme ABE has allowed me to gain valuable work experience which has contributed to my development as an individual still gaining my education. ABE is seen as an intensive course which offers a practical orientation in business.

I study at CTS College of Business and Computer Science which provides me with a wonderful learning experience. I recently completed the Level 5 diploma and I am currently completing Level 6. My immediate plan after Level 6 is to obtain my Bachelors degree (Hons) in Business Management and Marketing with the University of Hertfordshire.

Studying with ABE I've acquired a great amount of marketing and business management skills and concepts in which I can apply to real life experiences. Upon completing the Marketing Planning and Communications module I gained tremendous knowledge and employability skills including the negotiating, critical thinking, team working, communication and problem solving abilities needed to progress a successful career in marketing. My time management skills have also been greatly improved as I had to manage work and studying simultaneously. I found myself conducting prodigious research online which I enjoyed and also secured additional theory that assisted me throughout my exams.

It is truly an honour receiving this award with ABE, many thanks go out to my lecturer who is highly knowledgeable and experienced and was able to give sufficient guidance and support. He illustrated using real life examples which I think granted me a better understanding of the varying concepts and approaches used in this course.

A tip I would like to contribute to students is to apply all that you have studied to real life experiences as it will make it easier to understand concepts and theories encountered in your academic career. I believe that knowledge is real knowledge only when it is acquired by the efforts of your intellect, not by memory.

My long-term career plan is to employ my qualifications in business management by becoming a successful entrepreneur.