Han Phyo Oo, Myanmar - Top Paper Award in Managing the Customer Relationship and Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication, studied at Myanmar Human Resources (MHR)

Han Phyo OoAfter I finished my GCE ‘O’ Level, I searched for a good business institute to further my studies. Now I feel that I made a correct decision, in attending Myanmar Human Resources Institute (MHR), which provides ABE courses in Business Management. 

The main reason I chose to study ABE courses is that ABE professional qualifications are globally recognised. ABE has now become well-known in Myanmar and I notice that recent successful organisations recognise ABE graduates for job application purposes. This is because most top level managers themselves hold ABE qualifications. I also believe ABE qualifications have nurtured and developed those successful business entrepreneurs to be who they are now. I can see a bright future for every ABE student, including myself, because ABE courses guide students to apply theoretical concepts to real world business practices. As such, it will be very useful when, I manage my own family business, in the near future.

In addition, after I knew that I had won double Top Paper Awards, I felt that this news will be an unforgettable memory in my life. It has always been my dream to achieve this kind of award. I would like to give my appreciation and credit to MHR institution, and my lecturers; Sint Sint Aung and  Aye Kyawt Mon for guiding and teaching me with great efforts.

MHR institution has an impressive record for guiding 39 world first talents since they were established. They offer a variety of courses as well as providing students with important events like study tours to business industries, group presentations, competitions, researching and a school annual trip. So it improves every aspects of student's development such as communication skills, team-working, leadership, and presentation skills.

I plan to carry on studying to a Level 6 Diploma and will continue my journey to finish with an MBA. Thanks.