Hazra Ogir, Trinidad & Tobago - Top Paper Award in Financial Accounting, studied at SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Hazra OgirI am a wife, business owner, and mother to a fourteen-year-old girl. My daughter and I are currently both studying, which is great because we get to bond over this. Whilst I study, I make sure that she does her homework, as well as try to assist her where I can. I want to be a role model for her and show her that learning is a continuous process and there is no age limit in education and achieving your goals. 

Within my country ABE is a highly recognised accreditation. I chose to study ABE because it was the recommended programme that I should take to attain the additional knowledge and competencies required for my job, and I was also confident that the modules would help me improve my general business knowledge. 

I am currently studying my ABE course at SITAL School of Tertiary Education. The structure of the program gives students a holistic view of a business environment; looking at the characteristics of an organisation and the factors that can affect this. We were also given the opportunity to explore human capital, and its importance to business. I am happy with my decision to study at SITAL, which providea flexible study, which is great for a person like myself who cannot commit to full-time study.

In my view studying ABE qualifications has made me a better person. It has taught me to not only see what is in front of me but to delve deeper as there are many layers that we need to understand to manage a business successfully. Managing people and a business is always a challenge, especially where satisfying stakeholder expectations is concerned. I believe I have gained valuable insight and the right tools needed to analyse situations more comprehensively and make better decisions. I am now more confident in achieving my long-term goal of operating a successful business.

I am not a believer in "cramming". It may work successfully for some people but not me. I think putting in the work from the beginning makes a huge difference in the end. It is important to schedule good time for your studies. We all have busy lives and sometimes this can be the last thing we make time for, thinking that there is plenty of time to catch up, only to realise too late the volume and capacity of work that has been left undone. Flash cards work great when revising important summaries and can be used on the go.