Hnin Yadana Htet Htet Tun, Myanmar - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Method, studied at Myanmar Human Resources Co.

Hnin TunI didn't have any knowledge about business before. ABE courses are suitable for people like me because they provide fundamental knowledge of business and this has also improved my decision making. One of the benefits of ABE is I can choose units that appeal to me and the pace of my study. I believe that ABE qualification holders can get good positions in successful companies and this will be a good help in my career pathway. That's why I chose ABE.

I had to study frequently before the exam. And I paid full attention to what the teachers said, taking down the notes and doing homework regularly. I practiced the old questions many times before the exam and discussed with my teachers if there were difficulties in my study. I plan to continue studying higher levels in ABE.

Now, I'm attending Yangon University of Economics specialising in Bachelor of Business Administration. After my Bachelors I plan to get an MBA at this University.  I'm helping my friends study in Basic Statistics subjects while I attend the MHR institute for ABE exams I want to give thanks to God for this Award and I will try harder to be successful business woman in the future.