Hsu Myat Aung, Myanmar – Top Paper Award in Managerial Accounting studied at PS Business School

Hsu Myat AungI chose to study ABE because it is globally recognised and has very high standards. That’s why winning such a great award really means a lot to me.

I think ABE is well-known in our country and companies will give favour to people who have got high grades in ABE qualifications.  After I have completed ABE,  I plan to find a job, work for about one year, and then study abroad for an MBA.

The thing I like studying with ABE at PS Business School is that I learn not only theory but also do practical exercises.   There are business plan competitions,  a Youth Development Program, study tours to industries and companies arranged by PS Business School. I learn about real business comparing it with my studies.   I have gained knowledge, improved thoughts about how to make businesses successful and solve problems.

My future is to build my own successful business that adds support to my country. This award makes me inspired to continue working hard to achieve this.