Jacob Nirwa, Cameroon – Top Paper Award in Personnel Information Systems studied at Institute of Management and Financial Accounting

Jacob NirwaAfter my GCE Advanced level, I studied law at university.  A few years later, I was offered a job as personnel administrator.  I underwent one year’s training in administration and some in-house training and internships in human resources.  I would like to thank OSEELC (my employer) and Essentia Health/CHDP, partner, for these opportunities.  Without formal training in this particular field, I decided to look for a professional school offering Human Resource Management (HRM) qualifications.  So here I am!!

I chose to study with ABE because I like the programmes offered.  The website advertising ABE courses is so appealing.  I appreciate the way ABE is encouraging its students to try various fields of study to meet their educational objectives.  On the other hand, I wanted to take my studies and knowledge further on this specific field in English, French being my first language.  The Institute of Management and Financial Accounting, Buea (IMFA) is also supportive to students, which is good!

I will continue my work as HR Officer in a hospital of 170 beds, including 5 health Centres with a staff of 140 employees.  My knowledge of various fields in HRM and in other business strategies and practices as a result of my ABE training will be helpful and are greatly needed here.  I will apply most of the Personnel Information System tips.  It’s a worthwhile challenge.  If I am not professionally overwhelmed, then, I can continue in the future with my studies on this same curriculum.

The best thing about ABE is the flexibility, updated knowledge and community of people interacting together to achieve more and better.

I have gained Interpersonal, managerial skills, planning, recruitment/selection, motivation, performance management, team or group work, various organisational or business analysis, and managing employment relationship in HRM and business at large.                                                                                        

I want to become an expert in HRM and gradually introduce myself to business management.