Jasreet Bharij, Kenya - Top Paper Award in Finance for Managers, studied at SCLP Samaj Australian College

Jasreet Kaur Bharij

I live iNairobi city with my grandparents, parents and my brother. My family supports me with love and care to ensure I achieve my best. I completed my O levels passing with excellent results.

I decided to undertake ABE as it provides me with professional qualifications. ABE allows me to have the skills for management. Moreover it helps to improve my understanding about the different job roles.

Employers value the ABE qualification as they are aware and value the skills that employees are able to achieve through ABE hence making a difference in their organisations. While the public appreciates ABE as it is an affordable course that also encourages diversity.

I plan to continue with ABE till Level 6 while specialising in Human Resources. ABE is very co-operative when communicating to members. Furthermore they provide detailed manuals about different units. I understood vital parts of different industries and management.  I have gained communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to resolve conflicts.

Members should be very attentive during lectures and should always ask for clarification when they don’t understand. Furthermore I would suggest members be open minded.

My long term career plan is to undertake a Human Resource Management degree and Business Management degree.