Jonathan Mkupatira, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at K & M School of Accountancy

Picture of Jonathan MkwapatiraI am living with my both parents, the first born son in the family of three children, after secondary school I registered for the ABE Business Management course.

I chose to study with ABE because its qualifications are recognised globally.  People in Malawi have a good impression of ABE course because it provides various skills in Business Management that are needed, even in Malawi Government.

After completing my ABE qualification, I will proceed to the next levels which will lead me to admission with various universities to get a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Studying with ABE is best because it provides different skills which help an individual to manage business easily.  The skills that I have gained with ABE are communication, human resources, marketing and financing; these will help me to be in a position to run a business.

My long term plan is to continue with the ABE course and then obtain Bachelors degree and Masters degree.  I would then like to have my own company and recruit other people, so that I can reduce the rate of unemployment in my country and globally.