Joseph Jurgen Rudulph | ABE UK

Joseph Jurgen Rudulph, Global Administration Officer, CaLP, Oxfam GB

Image of Joseph Rudulph “I am from Ethiopia, but studied in Kenya. After I finished my ABE Diploma, I went back to Ethiopia and started working at a local NGO  in an administration, HR and finance role.  Since then I have moved jobs and organisations.   I have worked for local NGOs, private companies and international humanitarian organisations including Medicines Sans Frontiers and Save the Children International as Emergency HR Officer.

I have worked in country offices, remote areas and refugee camps. Currently, I live in the UK with my wife and two sons. I CaLP logonow work for consortium hosted by Oxfam GB (CaLP) and I just completed my Masters in Human Resource Management Level 7 from Middlesex University. 

CaLP is a diverse team who are based globally, in Oxford, Geneva, Bangkok, Nairobi, New York, Canada, Philippines, London and Dakar. We promote cash transfer programs in humanitarian responses through advocacy, capacity building, research and co-ordination.

During my professional life I have applied the knowledge I gained from my ABE diploma. I am responsible for overall global administration, recruitment and selection, organising interviews and inductions, setting systems for new employees, co-ordinating global meetings and workshops, hosting partnership and inter affiliate agreements, communication and information sharing within the consortium, task management of regional administrators who are based in Nairobi, Dakar and Bangkok and maintaining all HR financial and reporting systems. In addition to that, a key part of my job is to help co-ordinate tasks across the regions using Oxfam’s web-based KARL knowledge-management platform.

The most interesting part of my job is networking with people who are based in different locations. I get the chance to meet new people and see new places. Working in a diverse community has also enabled me to learn about and enjoy different cultures.
Looking back, after I completed my Diploma, I knew I wanted to work for non-governmental organisations. However, at that point I wasn’t sure what my role would be.  After working in administration,  finance and HR. I found Human Resources was something I wanted to take on as a profession. Since then, I have worked as HR officer. Here in Oxfam, I had been seconded as HR executive in order to support emergency responses around the globe especially for the Yemen, Syria, Nepal earthquake and South Sudan responses.

For me the ABE course was a real lifesaver. My qualification has been an asset throughout my career, especially in Ethiopia where I managed to secure senior positions. I was confident when approaching employers and I managed staff who had Degrees and Masters by applying the knowledge and skills I got from the ABE  course. In addition, it also taught me to look issues from different perspectives. Now after 10 years, I still feel that taking ABE was the right decision. When I came to the UK, I used my ABE qualification and work experience to pursue my Masters.
My advice would be, wherever you are, if you are enrolled on an ABE course, you are in the right place and you will be grateful for making this decision for the rest of your career life!”