Kabrina Belgrove, Trinidad & Tobago - winner of the President's Prize studied at School of Business and Computer Science

Katrina BelgroveI come from a small family. I have an elder brother and I grew up in a small neighbourhood in Trinidad. After completing my High School Advanced Level Certificate, I started the ABE Level 5 programme and later moved on to Level 6.

I chose to study the ABE programme because of the wide variety of courses offered, which allowed for a broader understanding of how to effectively function and adapt in this dynamic, modern business world. When introduced to ABE, I was informed that the programme was not only cost effective, but recognised worldwide, which was another reason for deciding to pursue it. 

I am now pursuing my Bachelors degree in Business Management at the University of  Sunderland, as my ABE qualifications have allowed me to do this.

Throughout the ABE programme, as mentioned before, I have been  exposed to a wide variety of courses which have given me a diverse pool of knowledge, for instance business law, marketing and project management. This I can definitely say has helped to prepare me for the real business world as well as my current degree programme with respect to enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills.

For successful studying, it is mandatory that you are determined to be in the right mindset. You must be able to see where you want to be in the next five to ten years, and determine if the work you're putting in would actually get you there. Secondly, never try to follow everyone else's study methods as you may not retain and learn the same way. Explore various methods, determine the most suitable and effective for you, and simply be consistent at it to avoid work piling up and the stress of cramming. A healthy balance is needed when studying, which involves extra curricular activities. Find time to relax in between studies to avoid the mental breakdowns caused by stress, even if it means only 15 minutes. Do not solely rely on the study manual given to you as you need to do additional reading in order to have a thorough understanding of the courses. "With God, all things are possible"-Matthew 19:26

After graduating, I see myself as the successful owner of well-established companies in the business world.