Kanishtha Maddhoo, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods (self-study)

Picture of Kanishtha MaddhooFirst of all, I would like to thank ABE for the Top Paper Award.  

I’m 19 years old.  My aunt is qualified in ABE (Business Management) and I successfully completed my college education (Higher School Certificate) last year. I sat for Level 4 Business Management in June and I am currently pursuing Level 5 Business Management and move forward with ABE to further levels.

I received a lot of positive feedback regarding ABE from my aunt.  It is deemed one of the most reputable examination boards internationally accredited. To succeed in this competitive world, global knowledge is essential and I find ABE is more appropriate than other courses.   ABE is very well respected by both employers and public as it has a good reputation for making people achieve a successful career in business.

The best thing about studying with ABE is its flexibility. It offers great opportunities, especially to those who do not get time to study during the day. As I am self-studying, I do it at my convenience. ABE provides all materials needed online, and I find it very easy for me to learn this way.

ABE helped build my self-confidence, develop my interaction and teamwork skills. Also time management, as I can manage my time for my leisure and then leave sufficient time to study.                                                                

On completing with this programme, I am looking forward to being employed with an established corporation.