Kevin Lewis, Trinidad & Tobago – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Accounting studied at SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Picture of Kevin LewisI am the youngest of four children born to my loving parents. I currently work in advertising and found ABE as a way for me to increase my knowledge and qualifications in business.

I have been out of school for over five years so I was confident that I needed to continue with my studies and ABE was the right start. I work evenings so I had to ensure I found an institute that would afford me time to go to class part-time and work full-time. In my in-depth research I found Sital College and also I discovered ABE, this globally recognised, accessible, accredited and structured qualifying body which I knew would both fit into my schedule and grant me the opportunities I seek.

Getting back into the pattern of studying after such a long time was a challenge, but I knew I had to overcome this and sacrifice my time if I am to further myself and help my beloved family. I love reading and challenging myself so I was always reading the manuals and doing past papers, the key was allocating the time for it. I see being a part of a classroom as both fun and educational as I get the chance to make new friends, learn about them, learn about business topics and share, learn and develop various points of views which aid in my understanding.

I studied with the goal that I must learn and understand all that I can so I can pass my exams and move on not only in the ABE program, but in my professional life where I can apply this knowledge. I truly believe I have chosen the right qualifying body and institute - Sital College - with its knowledgeable, educated, student-focused lecturers which make studying and the delivery of the courses uncomplicated but still challenging so I can learn.

I thank ABE for this opportunity and choosing to be a part of the educational system in Trinidad and Tobago and I hope they continue to do so in order that other individuals like me can benefit and earn a thorough education in business studies. I will continue on my path with ABE until I graduate with a degree. My dream is to give back and help those in this same area of study by becoming a lecturer and working at the same time within the business sphere.