Kishan Rathod, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Principles of Marketing and Sales Management studied at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

KISHAN RATHODI am the first born in a family of three. I finished my secondary education in 2012. After that I joined Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies in 2013 doing ABE Business Management but changed to Marketing because I developed a strong interest in people and how organisations promote and sell their goods and services.

I chose ABE because I wanted to study and obtain a qualification that is highly recognised both locally and internationally and which would enable me to gain exemptions at local or international universities for my Bachelors studies.                                  

I am planning to join a university sometime in 2017 when I finish my Level 5 Marketing Management units so that I can study Marketing at Bachelors degree level and, God willing, I also get some Marketing internship positions to enable me apply all I have learnt in a real working environment.

ABE is very flexible in terms of the number of units I can register for and this allows me to sit for exams only when I am ready. ABE also provides students with free manuals for selected units.

I have developed my analytical and problem solving skills because the marketing management programme empowered me to be able to analyse a situation and develop a creative solution(s) to that situation. I have also become a better communicator.

My tip for successful study is pay attention to and respect your lecturers as they hold the key to your successful future. Also, have one hour sessions every day to go through what you have been taught that day and ensure you seek the lecturers’ help if you have not understood something. Lastly do your CATS and TESTS as this will help you perfect your examination technique by correcting your areas of weakness.                                    

I am planning to venture into Marketing Consultancy once I have completed my Bachelors and MBA programs either here in Kenya or abroad.