Lakshmi Ramlochan, Trinidad and Tobago - Top Paper Award in Contemporary Hospitality Management, studied at Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies

Lakshmi Ramlochan I am from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. My life has been shaped by my experience growing up with my single parent mom and two sisters when my dad passed away at a young age. It has led to a strong belief in the equality and ability of women.

At the moment I am working in a freight forwarding and relocation company which has allowed me to interact with people from different walks of life. This, along with my ABE certification has enhanced my suitability to work in the international hospitality and tourism sector.

When I began to study ABE at Dip 4, it was as a prerequisite to a Bachelors degree. However I liked the structure of the ABE programme and decided it suited my needs both time wise and financially and guaranteed the same results at the end of Dip 6 – the equivalent to a Bachelors Degree. Also, it is internationally recognised and accredited, thus widening the field of job opportunities

I believe ABE is becoming more recognised and appreciated by both students and employers. The number of institutions offering ABE has also increased.

After completing ABE I want to obtain a job that will allow me to put all that I have learned into practice and has international travel opportunities.

The support and resources available to aid your studies is what I appreciated most. Further more, ABE is suitable for all ages, both those who have just completed their high school diploma as well as those like me who are already employed. It is never too late to gain further education. You can never be too old to learn!

The modules offered are quite applicable to the current business environment. At Dip 4 I learned proper telephone etiquette from Intro to Business Comm. which helped in my previous job as a receptionist. During Dip 5 I gained knowledge about different management styles, leadership qualities and motivation and morale techniques which will benefit me when I hold a management position. Dip 6 introduced me to different operational cultures, which is quite pertinent to my current job as a Relocation Coordinator, dealing with clients and colleagues from around the globe.

My #1 tip for successful study is to make a study schedule. I usually dedicate a set period of days for each subject and map out what I am going to cover each day.  Utilize the resources provided by ABE – past paper questions and answers, lecture guides and study manuals. 

I may pursue a Masters Degree. I foresee myself holding a top level management job, preferably in the tourism or hospitality industry.