Landrine Mbidimbom, Cameroon - Top Paper Award in International Business Finance and Planning, studied at London Institute of Infotech & Professional Training

landrine mbidimbomI am the second (a twin) in a family of five children.

Actually, I chose to study ABE firstly because my mother gave me the impression that it was the best and again because of the motivative, captivating and convincing way the teachers use to gain members in their institute and I came to realise myself that it was the best.

The public and employers see ABE as a field for training professionals. After I finish my ABE courses I hope to work for a while to gather money and then start up my own business.

The best thing about ABE is that it trains its members to become professionals not just write exam and pass without knowing anything. Our director always tells us that we should, "Pass the profession and fail the exam". That's to say we should not only focus on writing exams and passing but we should also focus on becoming professionals. One successful study tip first is to surrender your exam to God because he's the best teacher and also group studies. Actually, I must tell you that studying in a group helps a lot.