Lazarina Matuta, Zambia – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies

Picture of Lazarina MatutaI was born and raised in Zambia with five siblings. My parents are British citizens and are currently resident in the UK. My dad is a seasoned lecturer in Business and IT while my Mom works in administration.

I am currently studying at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies in Lusaka where I have acquired Cambridge A-level and ABE Level 4 certificates. As for other extra-curricular activities, I love art because I am a passionate self-employed fine artist in my spare time.

I chose ABE because it is a broad course that covers all relevant aspects of management and business. The ABE course is structured in such a way that it enables students, upon finishing, to get employed in various sectors of industry such as public and private organisations. Students will have a competitive advantage once they graduate with ABE qualifications.

ABE was only recently introduced in Zambia but it is growing steadily because employers are looking for people who can demonstrate their skills in a logical manner and apply quantitative reasoning in resolving the business problems.  After ABE I intend to pursue a qualification in Economics and Finance at the University of London.

This programme delivers a deep understanding of core subject matter, as well as the opportunity to follow subjects which complement the main streams of business study. This ensures that as a student, I will have a solid background and broader general knowledge, which is highly valued by the corporate world and useful in many different spheres. I really like how practical and career based the modules are structured.

The different subjects I took have offered me a refined way of thinking but the most important skills I have acquired are the ability to apply economic reasoning about management and solve organisational and business problems through logical quantitative methods, proper standard accounting and appropriate business communication. I understand the structure and strategies of firms, the functioning of markets, how they work and how they interact. I am now a critical thinker!
With my ABE and Economics qualifications I intend to join a multi-national organisation like the UN and establish an organisation with fellow entrepreneurs that promote fine art.