Leah Chiwaula, Botswana - Top Paper Award in Personnel Administration studied at Gaborone University College of Law

Leah ChiwaulaI come from Malawi, but am currently living in Gaborone, Botswana. I am the fourth born in a family of six children. After primary school I was later selected to a government secondary school where I learnt for four years and then I went on to study for a degree in education. 

I chose ABE because with ABE qualifications you can work anywhere and people with ABE qualifications are mostly employed. People in my country view people with ABE qualifications as employees who are highly qualified and have good skills required in an organisation.

After completing my ABE course I plan to open my own school and the best thing about studying ABE is that it equips someone with skills that adapt to any work place and  it also helps to developing a spirit of entrepreneurship.  While studying ABE I have gained skills of being a leader, communicating with others and influencing them in a positive way. 

I advise others to always study so that they have an understanding of what they are learning and apply it in their everyday life, there and then can it become part of them. In future am planning to be my own boss.