Letitia Nettey, Botswana – Top Paper Award in People Planning and Resourcing (self-study)

Picture of Letitia NetteyI am originally from Ghana but have lived most of my life in Botswana. I am one of two siblings. I have a passion for food and people. I love baking, travelling and I believe getting comfortable with a great book to read is calming. To make a little money I make homemade cupcakes to order. Recently I have taken a keen interest in football !

ABE is a professional body that is recognised worldwide.  It also allows me the flexibility to study when I can and the amount of resources available are extremely useful. Secondly, ABE has such a wide variety of courses in every area I am interested in.

Currently I study privately, I have found that I am able to do so because of the vast extent of resources available on the ABE website.  ABE is recognised and well known by many employers and the public hold its qualifications in high regard.

Currently, I plan on moving on to the next level which is the Level 6 diploma and continuing until I  have completed my studies.   For me, the best thing about studying with ABE is the manageable course content and the flexibility it allows me. The study manuals are easy to understand and the past exam papers and suggested answers are an adequate guide to how the exams are to be answered.

Studying with ABE has improved my communication skills, I am able to solve problems more easily and my analytical skills have been greatly improved. Also, the courses allow me to practically use and apply what I am learning instead of it just being theoretical knowledge. 

After ABE I plan on continuing to get my Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management. This will give me the ability to know how to pick the right personnel for the businesses that I plan on starting and running. I then intend on studying further to get an MBA and continue with some  more courses offered by ABE. With the skills and knowledge I have gotten from ABE, there is no way I will not be a huge success.

I’d like to thank ABE for this award and for helping me reach where I am today. To God be all the Glory.