Lindiwe Chakhala, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at Malawi College of Accountancy

Picture of Lindiwe ChakhalaI chose to study ABE Business Management to get insight into business knowledge before pursuing a degree in business entrepreneurship at university.  It is a popular programme that offers students an opportunity to get introduced to the workings of the business environment.

I have been offered a place at a university in the UK and I will begin my studies in Business Management in January 2016.

The best thing about studying with ABE was the support and encouragement the lecturers gave to my class and the detailed lectures. The awesome friends I made in my Level 4 class as we worked together, friends from Level 5 who gave us invaluable information and spoke about their programme and ultimately enjoyed the course.

I have gained a good foundation and introductory understanding of business knowledge and skills.                                              

Long term, I plan to create and manage successful entrepreneurial businesses.