Lucius Dan, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Principles of Marketing, studied at Lilongwe Technical College

Lucius Dan I am a last born in a family of nine children.  I finished my schooling in 2013 then in 2015 I joined Lilongwe Technical College.

ABE become my first choice when I think of examination bodies because ABE is recognized and accepted internationally and it's a fast way to achieve my career. This has became a fact for me because the qualification which I have now from ABE puts me at another level different from other people's qualifications.

I study at Lilongwe Technical College, an institution which is well reputed and delivers an excellent and conducive environment for learning through its hardworking lecturers who finish syllabuses in time and help students to apply their own knowledge according to their understanding, not only based on what they learn.

Having an ABE graduate in an organisation here employers take as a source of success.  ABE students learn both practical and theory and are very innovative and strategic.  Negotiations skills, making plans, communication skills, team management skills are some of the skills which ABE has taught me which makes me a successful marketing strategist at Nyadi's investment.

To succeed in study first you need to discover who you want to be then set goals that are related to what you want to achieve the work hard you will succeed easily.  Studying with ABE is the best because it has shown me the real direction of my career as a marketer and that I have the ability now to handle businesses. The availability of resources in the member area and the knowledge given through the lectures guide makes learning simple.

My immediate plans are to work for a few companies for a few years.  My long term career plans are to achieve a Masters degree in marketing and became a successful entrepreneur in my own businesses.