Lystra Hewitt-Rocke, Trinidad and Tobago – Top Paper Award in Performance Management and Reward studied at SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Lystra Hewitt Rocke I have always involved myself in some form of education. It allows you to contribute to conversations in  a meaningful way and to add value to the organisation which you serve.  

I chose ABE because the programme provides flexibly, well structured modules and useful resources.  ABE is gaining in recognition by organisations . A number of schools offer the tuition so that a wide cross section of people from the workplace enrol in the classes and are successful thereby enhancing their performance.  

Studying HRM with ABE has definitely provided me with greater insight into the subject matter. This has enhanced my job performance and my marketability.  As an HR professional  I have the opportunity to live through the knowledge gained through my organisation (Republic Bank Ltd).  On a daily basis I am able to relate my knowledge to actual real life experience.

My tips for successful study are that you have to be passionate about your studies. You  have to own it and be committed. Read, read, read until you understand.

Long-term I would like to engage in consultancy and mentoring , particularly young persons in need of direction and maybe middle aged people who have been longing to do something positive with themselves but need that extra push and drive to get it off the ground. In that way I will be giving back something to society.