Madhvi Vaya, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Employment Relations studied at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

Madhvi VayI am 20 years old, from Mombasa.  I belong to a large family including my grandparents, dad, uncle, aunt, brother and cousins. I joined Jaffery Institute of Professional studies in January 2014 after graduating from High School.   I am currently completing the units Principles of Business Law, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Development at Level 5.

I chose ABE because it is a global qualification offered in Kenya with affiliation to UK and other universities for a completion to degree in a year or two.   I am studying ABE at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. I feel really fortunate to have chosen this particular institute because the ABE lecturers go above and beyond their duties to support the students and I personally have managed to top this paper without the unit manual.

The best thing about ABE is that it provides flexibility in the units you do per semester and offers a wide range of opportunities for employment during the course simply because of its structure.  I have really gained insight in every aspect of HRM and it has helped me to become a creative thinker, thinking of management solutions out of the box that are applicable in a working environment.

My tip for successful study is always go through the past paper, with model answers available on the ABE Members Area.    

In the long term I want to become a senior HR manager in a reputable organisation or open my own business.