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The Malawi Graduation Ceremony by Vanda Dolby

Vanda Dolby works as an assistant accountant at ABE's London head office and was given the opportunity to attend the ABE graduation ceremony in Malawi.  Here she talks about the people she met and how they have given her a different perspective on her work.

Malawi graduation ceremony


This is coming from a person that sits in front of a computer screen all day, making payments and had no true idea of what ABE is doing for people all around the world. The graduates in Malawi enjoyed every minute of the day,  it meant so much for them to be graduating, I couldn’t believe all the lovely comments about ABE and what we had made it happen for them. They have landed great jobs e.g bank managers, hotel - general manager, admin, HR, working at broadcasting companies, college lecturers.  There was even an ABE graduate who at 18 is now working for Price Waterhouse Cooper.

The graudates I met in Malawi were all such lovely people, many only a few years older than my daughter, others much older but still willing to learn more. They all had their own amazing stories to tell and said it was all down to ABE in  what they had achieved.  The graduates were so proud, all their families attended with them giving flowers, cakes, and gifts.

I loved every minute of my once in a lifetime experience that ABE gave to me and I feel sad that other members of London staff have not have the same opportunity.   You come back more passionate and excited about what

we do.

Pride, Nathan, Harlod and Doreen (ABE's area managers for the region) – it was lovely to meet you all and share this time with you. You all worked so  hard, in fact we all worked so hard, it was all so full on but in the end Malawi has left me with some fantastic memories, thanks to you all!

Malawi graduates