Mathilde Ip Kai Ming, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Managing in Organisations studied at Sagittarius (Centre For Information Technology and Business Studies)

Picture of Mathilde Ip Kai MingI am 25 years old. I have just completed my Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management with ABE and my HR career has now started.  I am working as an intern in the HR department of the organisation where I am employed.

Honestly speaking, ABE offered the most affordable fees and timetable, allowing me to work and contribute towards funding my studies while, at the same time, providing enough time to study. ABE also has a variety of courses which appeal to students with diverse interests. It offered basic courses on subjects unknown to me at the time and seemed like a perfect choice for the career path I had chosen.

ABE has given rise to a number of facilitators in our country and while I personally think that its true recognition has yet to reach its peak, more and more people are being offered the opportunity of higher education through ABE, with the added benefit of reasonable rates. Our country is lucky to be part of this experience.

My job right now is quite challenging and innovating, giving me the opportunity to apply what I have learned with ABE in my work environment.   ABE has a programme which provides a broad approach to HR, giving us an overview of the whole course at first and then offering deeper insight into the HR world. This gradual approach is what has allowed us to become slowly immersed in our chosen career path.  ABE has taught me how to apply theories to our working environment while keeping an open mind,  ingraining a strong sense of self-discipline in terms of targeting achievements.

In the long term I will complete my BSc in Human Resource Management and strive to further my career. I would like to specialise later but, for now, I have a lot to learn and to achieve before taking the next step.