Maxime Harlaar, Securities Trader, Zambia

MaximeMy name is Maxime Harlaar, a 26-year old individual, who is both Zambian and Dutch in ethnic heritage, with my mother being the former, and father the latter. Educationally, I completed my O Level and Advanced Subsidiary education under Cambridge; followed by a certificate in Forensic and Investigative Psychology under the University of Zambia. Here I obtained professional certificates falling under the CFA Investment Foundation Program, and the Stockbrokers and Investments program under the Zambia Pensions and Insurance College. I am currently a Securities Trader with Stockbrokers Zambia Limited and have been working here for the last 3.5 years; licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission Zambia. I previously worked at the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) as a Business Development Assistant, and in data operations for 1.5 years.

I am delighted that ABE accepted me for study. I was fortunate enough to commence my higher education whilst with the LuSE and had applied for a business course at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies- ZCAS. This is where I came to learn of ABE, and how flexible the programs under ABE are.

After a semester with ZCAS, I decided to study ABE via self-study as my work schedule was and is rather hectic, and the affordability of tuition fees in general was beyond my means. Since ABE is affordable, flexible, the course material easy to grasp, and the study materials readily available for download on our student portals, I was well encouraged and supported to study ABE on my own.

Unfortunately, not many people nor employers know about ABE so widely locally in Zambia. Most employers would automatically know the qualifications attained from popular local universities. However, I strongly believe that ABE is a viable study route that allows you to, at least, study the first two or three years of University on your own at your own pace and at an affordable rate, after which time you can assign or associate yourself with a local University to complete your studies. ZCAS offers this route, with a top up degree from Greenwich. This is great, and the years I have been able to self-study with ABE have allowed me to save adequately to afford the final year at ZCAS, should I decide to go this route. ABE has been a life saver and a true, true help. It came at a time in my life when I thought educationally I would not be able to afford a quality education. I love and respect UK qualifications, considering that they have been my education pathway or “examining body” my whole life.

Immediate plans rest on applying for an Economics and International Business Degree at a Dutch University in the Netherlands.  Today I registered for the IELTS exam, another UK qualification, to assist me with my application. Further, I will continue to advance to the ABE Business Management Level 6 qualification.

The best things about studying ABE are the flexibility in terms of time; user-friendly manuals; global recognition at several universities; proactive offers in helping improve day-to-day job functions; and affordable exam fees

Each module I have studied under Business Management Level 5 has advanced my abilities in one way or the other with respects improved customer care, acuteness in financial management, consideration of marketing techniques, and so forth. The best part has been that I have witnessed the practicality of the content at play, and it is encouraging to know that I am and have been studying relevant content that yields positive results when applied in the workplace, for me.

For those wanting to study ABE my advice is Study, study, study.

I am in the Finance, Investments Industry and I wish to continue advancing my knowledge, so that I can deliver the best possible version of myself and abilities to my field.I love the CFA Program and wish to extend studies in that direction, accompanied by firstly completing my Bachelor’s Degree. ABE, for me, has been a very positive opportunity in my life. I seriously cannot over – state this.

Thank you ABE.

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