Mazvita Mangenera Ndudzo, Zimbabwe - in Introduction to Business Communication, studied at Speciss College

mazvita ndudzo I am from a family of four girls and appreciate my parents for all their support; they always push me to be the best version of myself.

I chose to study with ABE because of its flexibity, it allows me to have a career and study and the same time. ABE has very high standards and I know this qualification will take me further in my career and will help me run my own successful business.


ABE is becoming well recognised in Zimbabwe. Employers comfortably employ ABE students in both the private and public sector. It is considered a qualification of high standards. I intend to further my studies and then engage in another degree programme or do my Masters.

With ABE I like that I can study at my own pace. I love how course resources are readily available and easy to understand. The programme is internationally recognised and I know that when I complete my programme I will have gained a qualification of a high standard.

I have already gained vast marketing, communication and management skills.  ABE has taught me to think outside the box and practically which has helped me immensely day-to-day in my career.

I would advise students to pay close attention to the study guides. They will help map a successful study pattern. Students should also take advantage of all the resources provided, study manuals and past exams papers. They should also develop a culture of reading the news, thinking about case studies etc, this will help them gain knowledge about different businesses worldwide giving practical lessons that will help in their studies.