Michael Obeng, Ghana - Top Paper Award in Business Plan for Enterprise Start Up / Understanding Entrepreneurship, studied at Pentecost University College

Michael ObengI hail from Darko in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I live with my Dad and Mum in Accra. My Dad is a Network Administrator in IT. My Mum is an anaesthetist and works at Amasaman hospital also in Accra.

I chose ABE after my tutors recommended it to me, I realised it was the quick route and best option for me to achieve my aims.  After completing ABE my plan is to secure employment in a reputable organisation where I can apply the knowledge gained in my field of study.

The best thing about ABE is that its courses are practical.   I have gained skills and tactics in the area of personal selling.  I found putting myself in practical scenarios and conducting research using the internet helped me a lot in studying this course.   

In the long term I hope to become a strategic sales manager