Mimi Mundia, Kenya – Top paper award in Organisational Behaviour studied at Oshwal College

Mimi MundiaI am Kenyan, born and raised in a family of five; two younger siblings and my parents. I have a BSc in International Business Administration, having completed my A-levels in 2010 and my GCSE’s in 2008. I have minimal work experience: I have done short-term attachments at a variety of institutions like government, a media house, a law firm, a hospital and sales jobs.

I chose to study ABE to supplement my degree and because it is an internationally accredited course. Furthermore, I liked the subjects on offer. The units seem relevant to the work place and what we learn is applicable practically.

After completing my Level 5 in Business Management, my immediate plans are to gain employment whilst progressing through to Level 6 and 7.

The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is flexible and suits my schedule. It is also relevant and the resources provided are very helpful, especially the study manuals. I am also glad it is an internationally recognised program meaning my certifications are relevant worldwide.

I believe I have developed the skills I had from my first degree and honed them. ABE has enabled me to delve further into business studies and top up my pre-existing knowledge.

I don’t really have any study tips to share except to advise my fellow students to make full use of the resources and study materials ABE provides, they are enlightening.                                                                     

In the long-term, I hope to have risen through the ranks of a top organisation in the HR, management or marketing fields and hopefully go into consultancy (my own firm if I can swing it!)