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Mohamed Hussein, CEO of United Engineering Group for Contracting & Supplying

UEGMohamed HusseinI am from Egypt. I graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering at Suez Canal University in 2005, and then I got my ABE diploma in 2010.  I have established my own contracting  company  in Cairo ( United Engineering Group for Contracting & Supplying-UEG ).

The head office of my company UEG is located in Giza-Egypt, I had founded it in 2011 and we won our first contract that year.  We currently work on five  construction projects.  We are considered one of the newest and most modern contracting company in Egyptian market.  We have about 15 people in permanent positions and about 200 temporary workers.

UEG mainly work in construction and finishing projects.  We specialise in finishing items like electrical and plumping works.  We also we have extensive experience in industrial 

projects like factories & workshops.  

I am the responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and also implementing the company's long and short term plans. I determine the direction of the company and form the work team for each project

 including the clarification for the scope of work to all project members.  My work reviews the cost analysis reports, shares in the procurement and allocation of funds for each project according to its 

priority. Externally I share in tendering and deal with the clients to build business relationships.

I really love my work and particularly enjoy the negotiation with clients concerning the prices and contract items as I find it like a game and I have to win the deal with reasonable profit ratio for my company.  It requires preparation and studying the project with high attention to detail.

My career started in 2005.  After finishing my study in engineering I was accepted for a site engineer job.  By 2007 I had been upgraded to be technical office engineer and then become assistant project manager.  After dealing with many contractual and commercial issues it was obvious for me that I need to learn more in business sector.

I was working with British company in Egypt and my work friends advised me to study business in the UK , I took the decision to travel study for the ABE Diploma. After my Diploma I came back to Egypt and I worked in multi-national contracting company as a project manager for six months.  Then I started preparing to establish my own work as I had all the capabilities which enable me to find my way and apply all I had learned  with my own vision.  Now my company is in stable position although there is a complicated economic climate in Egypt due to policies issues.

With the ABE Advanced Diploma , I learned subjects which helped  me understand the core of the business, how I can form my company,  write my mission statement, set my plan, analyse the external and internal environment, how can I show my product and create a completive advantage,  deal with my employees ,  understand the balance sheet  and more. I think I need too much paper to explain what I really gained from the ABE diploma. I think that without it I could not be able to have established my business and improve my life style.  It helped me to construct my future and my family’s future and completed my self-confidence with others in business as it’s well-known as a highly valued qualification.

My advice for ABE students, while you study any subject always try to imagine that you are an executive manager or director of any company and you will feel the value of what you learn; the ABE qualification shall complete what you need to make your dream true.