Mohammad Zahid Hossain | ABE UK

Mohammad Zahid Hossain, Bangladesh - Managing Director, Multitex Group

Picture of M.Zahid HossainMultitex Group logoI am a young, dynamic and motivated person.  My father was the President’s Gold Medalist from 1981 Batch of Bangladesh Police and is my idol whom I try to be like in terms of everything he was but I know I am not even close to him. My brother is 4 years younger to me and is currently working for Mitsubishi Dhaka Office. My mom gave up her job to make sure we are raised properly. She has made really a big contribution to whatever I am today.

The name of my company is Multitex Group. We are a trading-based company dealing mainly in garment exports, accessories supply, machine indenting and recently we have started our new business which is related to the supply of hygiene products.

I am the managing director of the group and my role is from start to finish just like any other business owner. It’s an overall supervision of all the processes we go through from order procuring to shipment, from the import of products to delivering to the end customer.  I have a great team who have been working with me for quite some time now and they definitely make my life easier with their hard work.

The element I enjoy most about my work is the sampling part of the garments. Creating something new always fascinates me.

I started in business when I was doing my A’levels. My father had left his job in the police to run a business but was later treated for cancer. Being the elder son, I just had to step in. We used to have a sweater factory back then and I started working there with guidance from my father. After my father left us in September 2004, I took over the responsibility for company which had a huge liability. I had to leave university as I knew that it would be tough to manage the finances. I ran the factory for about five years to eventually get rid of the liability through hard earned income.

Somehow I always felt I would be a better trader than a manufacturer. I decided to sell the factory and started my garment buying house in 2010. Today we have a turnover of around $2-million. Our target is $5 -million by 2017.

As I had to leave my studies, I  always had a desire to at least be able to do some higher qualification when I had the opportunity. Once I found out about ABE, I didn’t think twice. My Diploma has helped me to learn a lot about marketing which is a big part of my business. You know when you do things practically you learn a lot of things but not all.  I have learned how to manage marketing as the best tool for my business.

Today, if I want to do my MBA, this Diploma opens the door for it.

ABE studies can take you to heights if you take it seriously. Don’t just study for a diploma, study to learn.