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My week of work experience at ABE by Magnus Wright

Day 1

When I first arrived at ABE I was very nervous but Allison (Customer Experience Manager) made me feel at home. She took me on a quick tour of the office and all the staff were friendly and eager to get me involved with some work. My first job was to put magnets on the map of the world in the office to show the amount of student centres and universities that ABE was involved with. It surprised me by how many countries and cities ABE was associated with. Some of the countries tested my geography skills. Then I ran a few errands for Allison which was quite fun, e.g. buying fruit for office and sorting packages. After that I helped David (Head of Service Delivery) with typing up some numbers into excel. It was arduous as there were so many numbers and when I first saved it, excel froze and I lost all the data!

Day 2

I worked in the Finance department today with Rachael (Finance Administrator). First we went through all of the money that came in the day before and checked if all of it was counted correctly, this was fascinating as it was fun to see what her job entailed. I shadowed Rachael for most of the day which was fun then near the end of the day I filed papers alphabetically which was very boring but I guess it needed to be done.

Day 3

For the majority of the day I proof read some ABE files which was quite interesting but laborious because my eyes got very tired after reading for about two hours. After that I helped package some files in the admission department which was alright.

Day 4

Today I worked in marketing with Francesca (marketing intern) and Ash (digital specialist) which was interesting as I didn’t really know much about it. Firstly, I used a website and did the tasks on the website which then made the ABE website more widely known. After that I helped Francesca record a video for the website tour which was very fun as I got to use recording and editing software. Then I shadowed Francesca for the rest of the day seeing what she would do in marketing.

Day 5

At the beginning of the day I helped Rebecca (Admissions Coordinator) sort some files which was quite boring but it needed to be done.   

ABE was an interesting place.  The people were friendly and welcoming and there's lots going on.  It gave me some ideas for the future.