Mzumara Kondwani, Botswana – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods studied at Ezone Training Institute

Picture of Kondwani Mzumara I am the third born, and only son in a family of four, born to Stella and John Mzumara in Mzimba Malawi. I have a Malawi School Certificate and whilst waiting to be selected for university place in Malawi, I wanted to pass the time, by acquiring a business qualification. I trusted that it could enhance my business knowledge and skills which I would need to pursue my future business dreams. Initially I was interested in studying Economics.

The best thing about ABE is the acquisition of practical business related knowledge and skills such as Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Human Resource Management. It is very practical in the business field.

My plans are to study for Diploma level for Business Management, and Certificate in Human Resource Management, alongside my Bachelor of Science in Land Economy majoring in Accounting and Economics and become an expert in Business Finance.