Naveed Asghar Sheikh | ABE UK

Naveed Asghar Sheikh, General Manager (Sales & Marketing) YKK Pakistan

It is a great pleasure for me to know that ABE-UK is going to introduce its courses in Pakistan.

I, being a graduate of ABE-UK, know for a fact that ABE courses are very professional and more market oriented than our standard education.  Having had no business education background and despite having a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Pakistan, I was unable to get admission for an MBA in the UK.

I had checked various options and consulted with people in the field then opted for the ABE qualifications in 1986.  Although new to business education, I found the course very interesting and it proved to be a stepping stone for me for the higher education in Business studies.

I found ABE examination standards were high and learning approach was different from our education system in Pakistan. Its methodology was to enhance problem solving and decision making skills of future business managers.

ABE advanced diploma was mainly focusing on case studies and practical approach to real world business situations which I found really interesting.

Naveed SheikhBased on ABE qualification, I got exemptions from many subjects from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and got admissions offers for an MBA programme from various universities.  Therefore, ABE qualification proved to be cost effective and time saving by providing short cut to higher qualifications. I completed all 3 parts of ABE qualifications within 2 years.

I finally did my MBA (with an academic award of excellence) from a USA University at their London Campus as they also given me credit hours against some of their courses due to ABE qualifications.

Since then I had a successful career in England and in Pakistan. Whereas, I have worked at top level for Multinationals ( LG Electronics and YKK ), also for Government Organisations (PCFA and   Export Promotion Bureau, Govt. of Pakistan). 

I owe my success to my learning and my professional training through ABE qualifications and I would be happy to recommend to anyone who is looking for professional business education. Personally, I feel that quality of its course work is better than many taught by our universities for their undergraduate programs.