Neba Gad, Cameroon - Top Paper Award in Organisational Behaviour studied at Yaounde Business School

I hail from Bamenda, North West Cameroon. Having attended primary and secondary school, an increasing quest for knowledge brought me to the capital city where I enrolled into the Siantou Higher Institute of Business Studies. Caught by the realities of my country I had to seek employment at LTS Bio Deco in 2013 as secretary after six months training in computing.

Deciding to return to school in 2015 I had the belief that a contingent and dynamic world needed an educational system and training that could meet the realities of today, tomorrow and decades to come. My research got me to the doors of Yaounde Business School where I enlightened on the services provided by ABE; their worthiness, reliability, follow ups and most of all their international standards. 

These  recent years have witnessed an increase in young Cameroonians enrolling onto ABE to pick up standard training for an increasing influx of foreign companies. With the recent wind of ‘’emergence by 2035’’ launched by our president with heavy structural projects throughout the national territory, the business prospects in Cameroon are high. The business future is becoming brighter with experts terming Cameroon a positive business risk. Therefore educational institutions have to step up their training, quality and embrace international norms.

Doing business nowaday witnessed drastic evolutions in technology and fast levels of globalisation. This explains why staying ahead in today’s fast moving world we need to constantly adapt and change, relying on yesterday’s ideas and solutions are never enough. The notion of adaptability and change brings out the idea of continued learning. That’s why if you interview a cross section of Cameroonians receiving ABE studies, they will tell you that an international qualification equips you with solutions to dynamic issues affecting business spheres of planning, researching and development, strategising, coordinating and auditing and also exposes you to more employment opportunities.

In a short run I intend to continue with my Level 6 ABE studies and possibly, if empowered by the ABE headquarters in London, become an advocate ambassador of this programme in my country and the CEMAC sub region.

Studying as an ABE student has opened me to international management and accounting standards, expanded my learning sphere as well as increased my knowledge of international business trends.  It’s as a result of ABE studies that I started following international stock exchange rates, currency levels and the growth patterns of countries.

With ABE studies I have developed skills in networking, addressing customer facing issues especially at my job as well as mastering my personality.  In studies, application permits quick understanding of issues taught. This enables me to master topics and lessons and my ability to provide many examples from different parts of the globe, and not only limiting myself to studying ABE manuals, has also contributed to the success of my studies.

My long term plan and project is to continue my ABE studies and specialise in project and strategic management.