Nicolas Dhootun, Mauritius - Top Paper Award in Sales Management (self-study)

Nicholas DhootunI'm am 31 years old. I come from a low middle-class family which I'm proud of. When I finished my high school certificate, I decided to work in the tourism sector with an international company. As a sport lover, I started as a water sport instructor which was good. I was able to travel around the world and save money as well as having fun. It was a great experience that helped me discover many countries and cultures, and I met a lot of great people.  It helped me to forge my personality and finally become someone I have always want to be. However, I realised that something was missing, but didn’t really know what it was. I started to feel frustrated so I decided to take more responsibility and move to the front office.  I needed to show of what I was capable. I did my full day at the water sport shack and worked during the evening at the front desk from 8pm to 11pm.

After three months, I was finally accepted on the reception team. I tried to learn everything I could so that I could replace the reservation manager and traffic manager when they were off. I rapidly became autonomous and had an important role in the team. Three years later, I was promoted as the reception and concierge manager with heavier responsibilities on my shoulders. It was a bit stressful as so many people put their trust in me. At this stage, the only thing I could do was my best and take it as a challenge, but I knew I would not be able to go further than that without any higher education. A good friend of mine advised me to join ABE to upgrade my skills and knowledge.  I can say that it was a good choice

I left my job to be able to study ABE.  I then decided to do a full-time job in a call centre, as a tele-marketing agent to sell mobiles, mobiles packages and internet services to small and medium enterprises.  ABE allowed me to study at my pace and to work full-time to finance my studies.  Employers know that ABE equips students with the right knowledge and expertise to perform their job.

My next move will be to find a good university to do a degree with honours in business management.  ABE really helps students to love the subjects they are studying. I was able to project myself into my previous job and realise the mistakes I had been making and what I could do to perform better.  Great ideas were coming up. I could see things differently and was eager to put this new knowledge and skills into practice.  I learned to motivate people, how to keep them positive, how to make staff do their best to attain expected performances and be successful and proud of themselves.

There is a time to read, a time to write and a time to work the past exam papers. Just find the right time you are comfortable to do each of them. We must find our strengths and weaknesses and start to make our weaknesses our strengths till every theme becomes easy. You should then make it through the exam and make good marks. 

My plan now is to do my Level 6 and find an affordable university to do my degree with honours in business management and finally be my own boss in real estate or the motor vehicle industry.